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Cansonアート・スクール賞:Prix Façadeを受賞したSalomé Fauc氏の作品が59Rivoliにお目見え

30 3月 2015

2015年Canson®アート・スクール賞Prix Façade受賞者は、ナショナル・スクール・オブ・ファインアート・オブ・リヨン在籍のSalomé Fauc氏です。

Prix Façade賞は、仕様に基づいて、注目すべき優れた作品を制作した学校および生徒に贈られ、受賞作品は巨大な59Rivoliファサードに飾られます。 作品はターポリン(防水布)にプリントされ、2015年2月18日から4月12日まで展示されます。


The work of Salomé Fauc from the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon as seen by two managers from 59Rivoli:

"The winning project of the façade resonates the implanting of 59 in the heart of an ultra urbanised space, invented and dreamed of as an island of resistance to the major retailers that surround it and, above all, invite and encourage consumption. This large Haussmann building, vested in artists of all genres who work there every day under the public eye, effectively wants to take a deep breath within the city. This proposition for the façade evokes nature through a beautiful black and white representation of trees, a perfect metaphor for what 59 wants to be. If not a tree structure of the most diverse artistic practices, at least a green lung, a space to visit and watch, a space in the city to breathe, an imaginary garden or a large tree, under which one can shelter and dream."

Muriel Ryngaert and Aurélien Dufour Ettori

Canson Art School Awards : Prix façade 2015